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  Schaltjahr (leap year) Func
Geschrieben von: hackball - 03.02.2019, 01:24 - Forum: Snippets & Libraries - Antworten (3)

Der Sinn ist, man nimmt das übliche

und findet mit Months heraus, ob man Februar hat. Wenn man dann die Anzahl der Tage feststellen will,
gibt man + leapyear {year} ein, was einen Tag hinzufügt (oder eben nicht) für Februar.

[ab3]Function.b leapyear{year.w} ;returns 1 for leap year or 0
;divisible /100: not a leap year
If (dummy*100)=year
;divisible /400: leap year
If (dummy*400)=year Then res=1
Function Return res
;divisible /4 : leap year
dummy.w=(year/4) :If (dummy*4)=year Then res=1 Else res=0
Function Return res
End Function

NPrint "leap year test case:"
NPrint "1800 (no) ",leapyear{1800}
NPrint "1900 (no) ",leapyear{1900}
NPrint "2100 (no) ",leapyear{2100}

NPrint "2009 (no) ",leapyear{2009}
NPrint "2010 (no) ",leapyear{2010}
NPrint "2011 (no) ",leapyear{2011}

NPrint "2008 (ya) ",leapyear{2008}
NPrint "2012 (ya) ",leapyear{2012}
NPrint "2016 (ya) ",leapyear{2016}

NPrint "2000 (ya) ",leapyear{2000}
NPrint "2400 (ya) ",leapyear{2400}


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  Image display example?
Geschrieben von: amyren - 08.10.2018, 22:06 - Forum: Questions & Answers - Antworten (4)

There are a some examples included with the AmiBlitz distribution, and I am aware of the image.include.ab3
But as a beginner I find that example way to complex to figure out.

What I am after are just the pieces of code needed to display one image in a workbench window.
eg. an example code to open a workbench window, load an iff file and display it inside this window.

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  Question about rtg displaying graphics
Geschrieben von: A500 - 14.01.2018, 02:35 - Forum: Questions & Answers - Antworten (7)

Heydraw t
I saw a tutorial about displaying rtg graphics like an example down below:

XINCLUDE "dbl_display.include.ab3"

succ.l = image_load {2, gfxpath.s+"glass_big", $FF00FF,20}: imagemidhandle{2}

and so on.

I understand there is no video tutorial or excellent book I can read to get me to understand the dbl_display.include.ab3 and I am in my own to learn from these example source codes. Which I am ok with. The reason i am posting here is this. If I want to draw a picture of a hero animated in four direction, a wall of four different sides and a gem and that is that, can I just draw them in normal png with 32 x 32 as each side and that is about it or can I draw them in a sheet and just extract them from a sheet? If I can get it from a single sheet is there a tutorial to show me how to do this in rtg mode (not custom chipset) or is there a tutorial in how to load single sprite by sprite of size 32 x 32 from separate file? thanks.

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  AmiBlitz³ als download im AmiNet
Geschrieben von: HelmutH - 30.09.2017, 16:48 - Forum: News - Antworten (6)

Hi AmiBlitz Verbliebenen
Hab gerade gesehen das die AmiBlitz3.6 Build 1 gestern im AmiNet hochgeladen wurde.
Ist das ein gutes Zeichen, das es mit AmiBlitz weiter geht :?:

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  FPU emulation
Geschrieben von: asrael - 30.07.2017, 18:39 - Forum: Questions & Answers - Antworten (1)

Just as a side note.
Femu has been released, which is a FPU emulation and runs on most Amigas.
It practically overcomes the AmiBlitz3 FPU issue where people can now use AmiBlitz3 on hardware which has no hardware FPU.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://koti.kapsi.fi/~jarpatus/femu.lha">http://koti.kapsi.fi/~jarpatus/femu.lha</a><!-- m -->

Here the Apollo forum entry:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.apollo-core.com/knowledge.php?b=1&note=7442&z=Ur8ySo">http://www.apollo-core.com/knowledge.ph ... 2&z=Ur8ySo</a><!-- m -->


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  Totes Forum
Geschrieben von: ThomBraxton - 04.07.2017, 19:29 - Forum: Off Topic - Antworten (8)

Hallo Leute,

wie es hier so aussieht, scheint es, dass man das Forum so langsam für tot erklären kann. Die Entwickler haben sich zurück gezogen und auch sonst scheint hier nix mehr großmächtig gepostet zu werden. Das ist mehr als traurig! Da fragt man sich als Amiga-Anwender und angehender Programmierer, ob es überhaupt noch Sinn macht, sich in AmiBlitz einzuarbeiten.

Liebe Grüße!

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  Network support...
Geschrieben von: A500 - 24.05.2017, 01:08 - Forum: Questions & Answers - Antworten (7)

I posted in the amiforce.de asking if there is a network support for blitz basic v2, but I start to think the answer is no. So I am asking here in hopes there is network feature. Is there a network feature for amiblitz 3? If so, where do I go to find tutorials and examples of network? I am not asking through parallel or serial either, but using asdl/ethernet and using file.device to access network. Thanks in advance.

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  Wird AmiBlitz noch weiterentwickelt?
Geschrieben von: ThomBraxton - 06.05.2017, 21:25 - Forum: Questions & Answers - Antworten (13)

Hallo Leute,

kann mir jemand sagen, ob AmiBlitz noch weiter entwickelt wird und ob es in absehbarer Zeit eine neue Version von AmiBlitz geben wird? Vielleicht eine Version, die beim Start weniger Systemresscourcen frisst und auch keine FPU voraussetzt?
Hier im Forum scheint es sehr still geworden zu sein...

Liebe Grüße!

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  Addr object
Geschrieben von: tolkien - 24.04.2017, 13:23 - Forum: Questions & Answers - Antworten (4)

Following with my coding therapy I'm working again with ab3 porting some of my code from ab2.
More or less is all ok but I have a little problem.

I need de address of a bitmap object to can read its attributtes.

In ab2 I do *pb.BitMap = Addr BitMap(0) but that doesn't work in ab3 nor bb2.

I add all necessary res files but the problem persist.

Any idea what is wrong?

Thanks in advance mates.

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  AmiBlitz3 with StormWizard - how to create include-file?
Geschrieben von: mbergmann-sh - 28.02.2017, 11:05 - Forum: Questions & Answers - Antworten (1)

I'm using Bernd Roesch's enhanced StormWizard v2.3 to create my GUI and by default it puts out a .h file for usage in C. Though it is no problem to talk to the created gadgets by using their ID numbers, it would be fine if I could call them by name. When using C, I simply #include the produced .h file where those numbers are #defined.

Is there a way to tell StormWizard to produce output for AmiBlitz or at least a way to convert the .h file to .ab3 in order to tokenize it?
As you might have guessed, I'm new to AmiBlitz, though beeing experienced in C. Wink

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