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Image display example?

PostPosted: 8. October 2018, 21:06
by amyren
There are a some examples included with the AmiBlitz distribution, and I am aware of the image.include.ab3
But as a beginner I find that example way to complex to figure out.

What I am after are just the pieces of code needed to display one image in a workbench window.
eg. an example code to open a workbench window, load an iff file and display it inside this window.

Re: Image display example?

PostPosted: 24. October 2018, 07:53
by asrael
This Forum unfortunately is pretty much dead.

There is more life here:


Re: Image display example?

PostPosted: 16. November 2018, 10:58
by amyren
Thanks for the reply. I did also post my question in that forum the day after posting here.
And I got very useful replies there, very quickly.
For me I found that beginner thread was the right place to be.