Image Converter frei verteilbar/freely distributable ?

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Image Converter frei verteilbar/freely distributable ?

Postby HelmutH » 17. December 2016, 13:16

Retrofan hat im Verein zum Erhalt für Klassische Computer Forum eine Frage zum Image Coverter, ob dieser frei verteilbar ist :?:
Thilo könntest du oder jemand der es hier weiß, ihm dazu mal eine Antwort hier, oder auch dort im Forum schreiben.

Hi: I've just registered here. I'm Retrofan from EAB, the author of the AKReal distro.

I want to update IconMaker by James Stalham that uses ImageConverter by Thilo Köehler. ImageConverter has been updated and when I tried to use it (with FPU), then it complained about ab3support.library. I've searched for it and then I came across with Amiblitz 3 and this thread, and I could see it is included in your pack.

Adding that library it is working perfect, with a better glow effect of the icons.

I don't speak a word of german, sorry, so I'm wondering if that's freely distributable and if I can use it in a next update of AKReal.

Many thanks in advance.
Gruß Helmut
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Re: Image Converter frei verteilbar/freely distributable ?

Postby Der Wanderer » 7. January 2017, 06:30

Freely attributable it is.
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