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Image display example?
There are a some examples included with the AmiBlitz distribution, and I am aware of the image.include.ab3
But as a beginner I find that example way to complex to figure out.

What I am after are just the pieces of code needed to display one image in a workbench window.
eg. an example code to open a workbench window, load an iff file and display it inside this window.
This Forum unfortunately is pretty much dead.

There is more life here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Thanks for the reply. I did also post my question in that forum the day after posting here.
And I got very useful replies there, very quickly.
For me I found that beginner thread was the right place to be.
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This forum isn't dead, just because nobody answers your question.
Maybe your question is above your level of understanding the language and you need to ask different questions at a lower level to gain attention?
Your Question OT was like "i see all the examples but can't print 'hello world'. Weird...
The people at EAB are known to be very helpful, but every solution put up there will reduce the chance of this forum to grow on wisdom.

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