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Unable to display text...
Hey it is me again Big Grin

I have tried so hard to get text to display into my screen no matter what I do it is not working. I did to BitMapoutput method and right underneath it I do locate 12,12:print "text here" but to no is not working. I get the animated screen working but no text. I did put the bitmoutput inside the repeat statement right after displaybitmap and use bitmap it fails. I tried to put it output side the loop the bitmapoutput and the text and still fails...of course it is inside the Blitz command all along.

I tried putting it in any different direction I even commented the Gosub AnimateSprite routine and still no matter what....the text fails and it is does not display at all. I am sorta baffled in what went wrong.

Do you have any advice on this matter?

I am even searching for blitzfont but I cannot find examples about text output in blit mode or blitzfont.

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