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MUI NList and Cycle Gadget - Daedalus - 22.05.2014

Hi guys,
I think I asked about this a while ago but can't find the post. Anyway, I have a problem with the combination of NList and cycle gadget in the same MUI window: when I have both in a window, the cycle gadget doesn't work, or only occasionally works if I minimise and restore the window a few times. Both work fine on their own, and the NList behaves normally at all times.

I guess it's probably down to a buggy implementation in the MUI lib, but does anyone have any suggestions for a work-around? Thanks!

Re: MUI NList and Cycle Gadget - Der Wanderer - 23.05.2014

I haven't worked with MUI that advanced, so I cannot answer your question, and here is probably no one who could answer this.

Re: MUI NList and Cycle Gadget - Daedalus - 29.05.2014

Not to worry, I'll see if I can work around it using the classes directly instead of the MUI lib commands... Thanks anyway!

Re: MUI NList and Cycle Gadget - Blackbird - 21.12.2014

Hello Deadalus

I have add now the new muimaster.library to Deflibs from Mui3.9 for 68k. You can find it in the repository of Amiblitz3

I think you can recompile your Source and show if it works now...
You should also use not the mui/mui2.res at all. Use all.res instead in Compilermenue

Hope this help...