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AIDE - Der Wanderer - 02.11.2013

I guess this is the right sub forum to present AIDE. Its making progress and slowly becomes functional.

Here is a screen:

Most of the time I use AIDE now for development. There are still glitches, but its quite usable (and stable).

Re: AIDE - SalternaOS - 04.11.2013


I like such user Interface for developpement language.

For me it has a nice look and give a modern design. Today, many IDE have an Interface with Icon which can be clicked to process an Action.

Is it actually somewhere downloadable ?


Re: AIDE - Der Wanderer - 04.11.2013

It is not yet downloadable. It should have reached a level where it can replace PED before I release it. It doesn't have all functionality yet, but is quite usable already. I dont know how it will behave on Classic HW, but on a decend UAE machine it is much faster than PED.

Re: AIDE - SalternaOS - 04.11.2013

I use an AmigaNG (SAM460). It will be interesting to check if it works also on NG machine, even if I know that AB is is 68k.

Re: AIDE - Blackbird - 25.11.2013


can AIDE the xml highlightning ?

btw. i cant saw in every xmlfile a comment like in Ab3 with a semicolon. Is this possible ?

Re: AIDE - Der Wanderer - 26.11.2013

AIDE has the XML file type already setup, but I didnt write a highlighter so far. But this is relatively easy.

Comments in XML work like this:
<!-- This is a comment -->
But I think NTUI is not aware of it, but also will be soon ;-)

Re: AIDE - Blackbird - 30.11.2013

Hey jo,
AIDE is a great Program today, some little glitches, but, very usefull for developing software this days.

go on with this great peace of software, i have very fun with it ! Big Grin

Re: AIDE - Der Wanderer - 02.12.2013

Thanks, nice to see that it is usable by someone except me... ;-)

Re: AIDE - yssing - 08.12.2013

That looks really usefull.

Re: AIDE - Blackbird - 26.12.2013

Da wird wohl ein Namenswechsel für dein Projekt nötig sein Thilo...

Ich habe beim stöbern bei AmigaWorld gerade entdeckt das ACE (AmigaBASIC compiler)
schon seit längerem den Begriff AIDE verwendet (Version 1.1)