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AmiBlitz3 Release: FPU-frei! - hackball - 04.12.2019

Offenbar hat jemand (Sven Dröge) die FPU-Abhängigkeiten rausgebaut!

Sehr fein, vielen Dank!

SourceCode des 3.7 Release ist hier:

RE: AmiBlitz3 Release: FPU-frei! - bruZard - 05.12.2019

Sehr cool, werde ich mir am Wochenende mal zu Gemüte führen.

RE: AmiBlitz3 Release: FPU-frei! - asrael - 09.12.2019


RE: AmiBlitz3 Release: FPU-frei! - hackball - 09.12.2019

Gibt schon wieder ein Bugfix-Update auf 3.7.1.Smile

Zitat:I released AmiBlitz3 v3.7.1 today.

It fixes:

- the 68060-detection error
- the wrong display of free fastmem above 100mb
- windowsizes fit into 640 screen's width

RE: AmiBlitz3 Release: FPU-frei! - hackball - 17.03.2020

Inzwischen war auch schon ein weiteres Bugfixing Release draußen, die 3.7.3
honitos released this on 27 Dec 2019
This release is mainly for lower end users as it

improves speed of tokenindex building on startup ALOT
fixes a possible crash on startup when a unknown screenid was set in Tooltypes due to lacking cybergraphics.library (checking added)
fixes a possible crash in IDE-settings window, when IDE tries to get best matching screen id for given screen dimensions due to lacking cybergraphics.library (checking added)
updated italian catalog again with thanks to samo79
added autodoc file for locale.library